Arc`teryx Academy : Freeride St. Anton / 18. - 20.02.2022

High Alpine Splitboarding – learn the essential tools of high alpine splitboarding

The high Alpine environment with its vast glaciers, rugged ridges and steep couloirs is irresistible. Being a splitboarder in this environment has its very specific technical challenges. To skillfully navigate glaciers and mountains requires a skillset that we would like you to introduce you to. Tailored specifically to splitboarders.

Splitboarding in the high Alpine environment has its very specific challenges. In this clinic we are going to work on the basics. The focus will be on rope handling, risk management, self- and partner crevasse rescue and a basic understanding of how to use mountaineering gear.

# You learn fundamental skills to traverse glaciated terrain
# Crevasse Rescue
# Self rescue
# Basics use of crampons on snowboard boots

Advanced – sufficient technique and athleticism to handle a full day in the backcountry is required.

# Splitboard
# Emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel)
# Harness, crampons (for snowboard boots), helmet

A detailed equipment list will be sent after booking.

19th February 22 at 9am
20th February 22 at 9am

Euro 140.-

The meeting point is going to be the Arc’teryx Academy base camp at 9am. There will be a welcome address by your mountain guide, followed by a safety briefing. This is a hands-on workshop. After a couple of practice scenarios we are going to simulate a crevasse fall and perform a rescue. Depending on weather conditions, our lunch break will be on tour or in a restaurant. At 3pm we will return to base camp.


Level – Advanced – sufficient technique and athleticism to handle a full day in the backcountry is required.

Group size is limited to 5 participants.

# Certified mountain and ski guides
# Workshopekt bei Buchung abgeschlossen werden, Kosten 25.- Euro)

Additional Costs
# Lift pass
# Travel cancellation insurance (can be booked in addition to the course; cost 25,– Euros)
# Potential transfer costs (taxi, public transport)